Who Wants That Perfect Love Story Anyway?

If ever there were two words that could mold a young woman’s life and decisions, it would be this dreadful combination. These two words have left successful women questioning the weight of their accomplishments and sent the darkest clouds over the most hopeless of optimists. They’ve presented a mirage that can seem so unattainable that women either settle for the “next best thing” or search a lifetime for a childish musing. They can be a blessing or a curse to anyone seeking a meaningful relationship. They are Prince Charming.

We all know who Prince Charming is. He varies in appearance depending on the woman – some wanting the strong, herculean with devastatingly handsome features while others opt for my personal favorite, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. But his characteristics are unmistakeable. He is intelligent, attentive, protective, supportive, unabashedly masculine, and downright gorgeous. He is the knight in shining armor that rescues us from flat tires and the willing shoulder that we lean on when we need to vent about what happened that day at work. You’ve seen him in all the popular romantic comedies and read about him in all of the harlequin romance novels that we didn’t tell anybody we read. He is the ultimate, the unmatched, the holy grail. He is, well… everything.

Now, please tell me you’ve spotted him and that lovely relationship package he comes with.

Let’s be real here, Mr. Prince Charming does not exist and that perfect hollywood ending isn’t everyone’s realities. In relationships, there will be struggles. You may have a child, you may not be in school, you may still be working towards a career, someone you love may disapprove. There will always be a reason why it may not work. But that imperfection is where the fun really begins.



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