12 Troubles Only Naturalistas Will Understand

We natural-haired vixens love our manes! From the cute coils to the full blowouts, the versatility our hair gives us is endless. But with the good comes the bad, and there are definitely a few things that at times leave us exasperated with our curls. Check out our list of 12 curly problems only true naturalistas will understand.

natural hair shrinkage


There’s nothing worse than seeing your curls take shape, cascading down your back with the water running through it only to have then shrivel up to the nape of your neck when a little air hits them. Talk about disappointing.

natural hair curl pattern

Decoding the texture chart

What’s the difference between 4a and 4b anyway? It’s like we’re back in math class trying to figure out if we’re going to ever use this in real life.



Having to Pre-poo before you even begin washing

Who had even heard of pre-pooing before they decided to transition to the natural life? We sure hadn’t!

natural hair washing

Section Washing

We’re so excited when our TWA turns into a full grown fro. That is until its time to wash it and that fro gets clamped into 10 sections just to make sure no strand is left behind.

natural hair weave

Being told that your hair isn’t natural.

It always tickles us when someone fresh from a touch-up tells us that our hair isn’t natural because it’s blown out, straightened, or in a sew-in. Because they’re the perfect judge of natural hair.

 natural hair hair stylists

Having to search for natural hair stylists

The only people who seem to do natural hair are braiders and Egyptians and Dominicans who specialize in burning your scalp until your tresses are dull and lifeless—neither method being a natural hairstyles according to our relaxed friends.

natural hair long process

The long process of doing your hair

Binge watching Netflix shows is pretty much inevitable when it takes anywhere from four to 24 hours just to prep your hair for a next-day style. #OITNB anyone?

natural hair cost 

The cost of hair care products

We’ve resolved to make our own leave-in conditioners and daily moisturizers because these products are playing games with our bank account—charging an arm, leg and a first born for a two-ounce bottle of oil.

natural hair bad hair dayThe influx of bad hair days

None of which can be solved with a hat like everyone else. Our best bet is a turban, or a bravely untamed fro.

natural hair unprofessional 

The “unprofessional” fro stigma

It’s as if employers think we’ll suddenly turn the office into a Black Panther rally (insert eternal stale faces).

natural hair dumb questions The dumb questions

We know everyone’s grammar school teacher told us no question is a dumb question. But being asked constantly if we wash our hair or how does it get so “curly” (when they really mean nappy), let’s us know that Mrs. Smith was sadly mistaken.

natural hair humidity Humidity to Naturalistas = Rain to Relaxed Vixens

We are wholeheartedly convinced that humidity came straight from Satan himself. Humidity, unlike rain, can’t be seen from outside your window in the morning. It just sneaks up on you ruining hours of styling in one fell swoop.

Photo Credits: Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram

(via VIBE Vixen)


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