15 Faithful Husbands Who Haven’t Been Caught in Cheating Scandals

Divorce rumors and illegitimate children be damned. There are still celebrity couples with (seemingly) strong relationships and men who (I like to think) are faithful husbands. While no marriage is perfect, it’s definitely refreshing to see men in the spotlight still love and care for the women who are hopelessly devoted to them.

Of course, we don’t know the intricacies of their relationships, because we only get a spectator’s view of the love these couples share—but the fact that none of these men have been rumored to have stepped out on their wives speaks volumes.

Get ready to have your hope in romance restored with these 15 faithful husbands who have never been caught up in cheating scandals. Yet.

faithful hubbies wiz khalifa

Wiz Khalifa

faithful hubbies grant hill

Grant Hill

faithful hubbies L fishy

Laurence Fishburne

faithful hubbies cb vance

Courtney B. Vance

faithful hubbies nicky c

Nick Cannon

faithful hubbies potus

President Barack Obama

faithful hubbies pharrell

Pharrell Williams

faithful hubbies j legend

John Legend

faithful hubbies b kodjoe

Boris Kojoe

faithful hubbies rodney p

Rodney Peete

faithful hubbies melo

Carmelo Anthony

faithful hubbies rev run

Rev Run

faithful hubbies omar epps

Omar Epps

faithful hubbies flex

Flex Alexander

faithful hubbies denzel

Denzel Washington

Photo Credits: Getty Images 

(via VIBE Vixen)


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