15 Natural Foods Great for Your Skin

Vixens, it’s time to set aside your concealer, pack up your foundation and stow away those contour brushes for good. You don’t need to cover up those blemishes and dark spots anymore because we’ve got an even better solution for you. Food!  Several natural foods are packed with the antioxidants that fight off acne, clear up blemishes and leave you with that fresh face you’ve longed for. Try adding any of these 15 natural foods to an already well-balanced diet and watch your face begin to clear up.

Flip the pages to see what fresh foods we’ve added to our beauty list and let us know how you keep it natural.

Dark Berries

Berries are mostly known for their fiber quality, but they also have a lot of antioxidants that naturally fight off acne.


We know it may not look too appetizing to some people, but tofu is actually full of health benefits. This vegetarian favorite is your secret to a clear complexion.

Red Grapes

Red grapes help rid your body of toxins and keep your skin producing collagen.


Tomatoes applied topically can both reduce acne and minimize oily skin.


Unless you’re a real healthy nut, chances are kale isn’t your first choice in greens. Try blending it into a smoothie with loads of fruit, you’ll barely taste it and still reap all of its benefits.

Brazil Nuts

Loaded with vitamins, brazil nuts in small serving can help prevent certain types of cancer. The exotic nut also leaves you with smooth skin.


Massage peppermint oil into your skin for a soft and supple effect.


Sans butter and cheese, broccoli can help to maintain skin health. Its anti-aging properties will leave you with a youthful glow.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is packed with Vitamin B, Vitamin E and 70 antioxidants that will all benefit your hair, skin and nails.

Green Tea

Green tea is packed with antioxidants necessary for clearing up your complexion.


Mash avocados for an at home mask. The green superfood rids the skin of dead cells leaving your face feeling as fresh as ever.

Sweet Potatoes

No, these are not to be baked with cinnamon sugar and covered with mini-marshmallows. Try them with simple condiments and fresh vegetables for maximum results.


Artichokes, like many other natural foods, are a great source of antioxidants and even help with maintaining a youthful appearance.


Naturalistas may be familiar with this fruit as it’s featured in a number of hair products. But it’s also a great natural food for skin care.


This may be obvious, but too often we don’t stay as hydrated as we should. And that directly affects our skin. So make sure you get your recommended eight glasses a day!

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