Jewelry Boutiques to Check Out on Etsy

Ladies, you know that the right accessories can turn a plain tee and jeans into runway style. But those statement pieces either cost way too much or are a dime a dozen at a franchised retail store. And while some of you may live in big cities with neighborhoods boasting boutiques on every corner, others aren’t so lucky.

For those less fortunate ladies wishing they could have those unique pieces hanging in their jewelry boxes, Etsy is the site for you. Whether it’s a statement piece or an every day look, these 16 jewelry boutiques are stocked with exactly what you’re looking for.

Etsy Toca Made

Toca Made

etsy Jewlery Blues

Jewelry Blues

Etsy Ark Peal

Ark Pearl

Etsy E and E Project

E and E Project

Etsy Free Forme

Free Forme

Etsy My So Called Vintage

My So Called Vinatge

Etsy Hanna Maui

Hana Maui Creations

Etsy Vintage Stamp Me

Vintage Stamp Jewels

Etsy Frosted Willow

Frosted Willow

Etsy Transmit Love

Transmit Love

Etsy Happy Wind

Happy Wind

Etsy Chickpea Designs

Chickpea Studio Jewelry Design 

Etsy Wu Jewelry

Wu Jewelry

Etsy Zhivana Designs

Zhiana Designs

Etsy Designed By Lei

Designed By Lei

Etsy Mint Loft

Mint Loft

Photo Credits: Etsy

(via VIBE Vixen)


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