4 Reasons to Date a Man with a Beard

Gone are the days of only hippies and religiously devout men sporting the scruff. Today, even professionals are opting out of their daily shaving regimen. And I can speak for many women when I say, we support the No Shave November… through October. Barring a few men (i.e., Mr. T and a velour sweatsuit sporting, open chested Rick Ross), most men who have  grown out their facial hair are even more desirable than when they were clean shaven. But for those women who still need a little convincing, check out my four reasons a man with a beard is worth a date.

    1. He looks more masculine.
      Joyful Black Man

       Now this may very well be playing into a stereotype, but I know many of us have had thought this before. A man with a beard just looks so, manly. Very alpha-male, “Jane, bring food now” type. And sometimes, it takes a masculine man to make bring out the femininity in a woman. But, ladies, just make sure when you’re looking, go for the guy who looks like a caveman, not acts like one.

    2. He looks more mature.
      Date Bearded Men
      A guy with a baby face was cute back in high school. It gave off an air of innocence, like “aw, he’s a good guy.” But once a girl starts paying her own bills and drinking hard liquor, the cute guy takes a backseat to the more mature one. Slap a 10-day old beard over those dimples and get on to more “grown-up” things.
    3. He’s more likely to intimidate.
      image via unlimitedwhispers.com

      image via unlimitedwhispers.com

      There’s nothing more attractive than a man that can protect and defend you. And a bearded man can do just that without ever having to utter a word. A study in the Behavioral Ecology found that men with beards “may intimidate rival males by increasing perceptions of the size of the jaw, overall length of the face, and by enhancing aggressive and threatening jaw-thrusting behaviors.” So even though you know he got a little choked up watching The Best Man Holiday, to others, he’s not to be messed with.

    4. He seems more responsible.

      image via mirror.co.uk

      image via mirror.co.uk

      I never thought a little facial hair could be linked to a man’s propensity to be dependable. But a study at the University of South Wales shows that “a full, bushy beard sends the message that [he’d] be a good father, able and willing to provide for [his] offspring.” So, ladies, if you’re looking for a responsible man, chances are you’ll find him with a face full of hair.

So, fellas, it may take a few days… maybe even a few weeks. But, don’t pick up those clippers.We like our men a little hairy.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

(via Elite DC Mag)


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