5 Signs That Your Man is Cheating

One of my favorite romantic comedies of the 2000’s is Two Can Play That Game. Besides the fact that it’s flat out hilarious–thanks to Vivica A. Fox and Anthony Anderson–the movie really did give some true insight into a few behaviors of men who are cheating. If you’ve been wondering about the faithfulness of your man and haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few signs that your man just may be sleeping in someone else’s bed.

  1. Your Man’s Eyes Wander A Little too Much. There was a character in the movie whose man seemed to let his eyes–and a few other body parts–wander from his relationship. When she’d (aggressively) confront him about it he (passively) dismissed her concerns with the line, “I’m a man, ain’t I?” Unfortunately, gender isn’t exactly an excuse for openly admiring other women, especially when it’s in your presence. The fact that your man feels it is acceptable to do something like this shows he doesn’t respect your personal feelings or the relationship enough to restrain himself. And if this is the case, what’s to stop him from cheating with that woman he was just admiring?
  2. Your Man Goes Multiple Nights and Days Without Speaking to You. Distance and personal space in a relationship is well needed. But when a night out with the girls or a day of me-time turns into days of not hearing from your man altogether, you should be concerned. This isn’t a closed case sign that your man is cheating, but it is something you should question. It could be something as simple as a busy week or as heartbreaking as a creeping lover. If you find yourself in this position, don’t hesitate to hit your man up and check to see if he’s okay. Don’t accuse or jump to conclusions, but be mindful of all the possible excuses.
  3. Your Relationship Starts Lacking Intimacy. Intimacy is another aspect of a relationship that is key to its success. Healthy intimacy in a relationship is showing your partner how much you love and appreciate him or her through actions instead of words. So if your man is giving you one reason after the other to excuse him from you all’s intimacy, you should question it. Again, not in an accusatory way, but ask what’s going on. Also, look out for signs of different forms of intimacy that come up suddenly in your interactions. If he’s doing things differently than how you all normally are intimate, trying out new tricks, you may wonder, “Where’s this coming from?”
  4. Your Man Has Excuses for Constant Cancelled Dates With You. In the beginning of the movie, a few men gave some common lines that they tell their women that should give them pause. One of the biggest lines was, “I’m working late.” Now, this is not to say that your man should bring home a time stamp every time he misses a date claiming to have been working late. But, if he’s constantly working late, constantly at the gym too late, constantly needing to be somewhere other than with you, that should definitely give you pause.
  5. Your Man Accuses You of Cheating. The tell-tale sign of deception is accusing the other person of what you yourself are doing. It’s a defense mechanism people use to deflect the attention off of them and onto someone else, usually someone who themselves are innocent. Ladies, if you happen to confront your man about some things that have been making you wonder about his commitment to you and he does this reverse psychology spin on you, he’s cheating. Period.

Now, of course, all of these signs are subject to situations. He could be busy with work or a family situation that keeps him away from you multiple nights or makes him cancel dates. Or he could be going through something himself that’s keeping him from being intimate in any way with you. Open the lines of communication  and voice your concerns if your man seems to be showing any of these signs before you outright accuse him of being unfaithful. Because one thing that’s worse than an unfaithful partner is an insecure one.

Photo Credit: bigstock.com

(via Elite DC Mag)


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