Death of Chivalry: Is He Thirsty or Just a Gentleman?

Remember when men would hold open doors, pull out chairs and offer jackets during chilly nights? According to some women, these chivalrous acts don’t seem to happen as often as they should. Instead, guys have become more self-serving in response to the new independent woman. But maybe there isn’t a shortage of gentlemen… Maybe they’ve just been denounced as “thirsty.”

We women have used the term “thirsty” to describe those guys who just don’t seem to get the hint that we aren’t interested. They call and text us constantly even when we continue to ignore them. They even add us and everyone we’ve ever met on all our social media profiles. They take persistence and turn it into borderline stalking. We used to call them “bug-a-boos,” but now they’re dying of thirst.

But as we keep turning down guy after guy for being too overt in their pursuit for our attention, we have to ask, “Is the thirst really real?”

Is that guy really being thirsty, or, is he just being a gentleman? Many guys now are afraid to even text us good morning without having him blasted on Instagram for being too thirsty. At some point, we have to draw the line between a man being chivalrous – or just plain friendly – and being desperate. Because a man being “thirsty,” or showing you attention, is better than a man who won’t even give you the time of day.

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(via Elite DC Mag)


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