Does Size Really Matter to Women?

We’ve all heard that metaphoric cliché, “its not the size of the boat; it’s the motion of the ocean.” Well, as corny as it sounds, it’s partly true, just not the way you’d think. The size of the “boat” is actually more important to men than it is to women. Many guys just aren’t exactly satisfied with their size for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a male ego thing, kind of like how some women want bigger boobs or a butt more worthy of looking back at. But, unlike men who profess themselves to be “ass men” or “breast men,” most women just don’t seem to be as concerned with the size of their men’s junk. For us, there are plenty of other things that we pay more attention to that has nothing to do with how much you’re slinging.

In an article on, writer Bobby Box outlined it pretty clearly in a Top 10 list for all the men out there secretly wondering if they’re enough. Trust me, fellas, we’re not as shallow minded as you may think we are. Of all the ten items of concern, a few definitely rang true more than others.

#10 Cleanliness. Back in the pubescent years when everyone was figuring out their bodies, it was somewhat expected for guys to smell and look disheveled at times. But, that middle school bell rang years ago! No woman wants to lay under a man who thought drenching himself and his sheets in Old Spice would cover up the stains and eliminate the funk. Taking the time out to clean yourself and your bedroom before she arrives can be a huge turn on for your woman.

#6 Endurance. Whatever you’re working with makes no difference to a woman if it only lasts for a resounding 60 seconds. Whether it’s excitement or a physical disorder, a lack of endurance can also be a huge turn off for women. A quickie is fine every once in a while, but Missy said it best, “we don’t want no minute man!”

#4 Your Tongue. Although many men may not know this, it takes much more work for a woman to reach an orgasm through actual intercourse. In fact, Boxy stated  “an analysis of 33 studies by author Elisabeth Lloyd, [found] only 25% of women are consistently orgasmic during intercourse.” On the flip side of that, “90% of women reached orgasm when their partners used oral stimulation,” according to a survey of 19,000 from sex researcher, Juliet Ritchers, Ph.D. So clearly, the size of that “boat” below the waist has nothing on the motion of the “paddle” above the neck. Use it correctly and you won’t hear a complaint ever fall from your woman’s lips.

#3 Commitment. In Boxy’s article, he found that “women are more likely to orgasm from intercourse while in a relationship than a hookup,” from a meeting at the International Academy of Sex Research. That means that just simply your love and loyalty to her is cause for a very pleasurable celebration. Sex is more than just a workout towards an orgasm; it’s the molding of emotions. There’s something to be said about the connection made while making love that transcends anything a ruler (ahem, or yard stick) could ever define.

For the full list filled with stats and commentary from the male point of view, check out the full article, “Sex & Size: She Cares More About These Ten Things Than Your Size.“ And let me know what you think about cleanliness, the tongue and more in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Tumblr

(via Elite DC Mag)


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