Pursuit of Relationships: Why Women Should Initiate Relationships

Ladies, we’ve all had that one guy that we’ve been waiting [im]patiently to step to us. We’ve thrown all the hints in the book from the not-so-subtle gaze (ahem, stare) to the thirst trap Instagram pictures, yet he just doesn’t seem to take the bait.

Well, desperate times may call for desperate measures. It’s time to break out of that 18th century servility mindset and make the first move. Approach him first, compliment him, do everything you’d want him to do for you, but with a feminine twist. Still a little unsure about whether you should put yourself out there?

Last time I checked, we all made it past Y2K and into a new millennium filled with many new opportunities and developments – one of which being gender equality. No longer must we follow traditions like having a man come ask the father for permission to take his daughter out to the drive-in or the ice cream parlor. Now, women can go as far as ask their man to marry her. So if Chrissy can ask Jim Jones to make a lifetime commitment to her, surely you can ask that guy you’ve been eyeing out on a very noncommittal date.

After you’ve approached the guy first, you won’t have to wonder about whether he’s interested or not. If you wait for him to approach you, you could be wondering forever. Just get it over with yourself. So if he’s interested, then, hey, you two can move on to the next step towards a real relationship. If not, oh well. Now all that valuable time you would have wasted pining away for him can be used for the next man.

Besides knowing for sure whether he’s interested in you on a more than platonic level, you also get the satisfaction of knowing you go after what you want. This one act of courage can lead to others just because you have confidence in yourself and your ability to take charge of a situation. Just think of all the other instances where your take-charge attitude could benefit you…

You’ve got the confidence and the poise to go after that guy, so why not go ahead and do it? If everything works out, you could be well on your way towards a lifetime of happiness. If you’re still on the fence about whether you want to actually take that leap of faith and go after what you want, check out a full list of reasons from All Women Stalk.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

(via Elite DC Mag)


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