Things to Learn from Ab Soul’s ‘These Days’

Consummate Black Hippie, Ab-Soul, released his album These Days in June and true Soulo fans are living. From “God’s Reign” to “W.R.O.H.,” this new record is a lesson in classic soul, with its third eye references and TDE shout-outs. But for those black-lipped bastard newbies who are wondering what he’s all about, everything you need to know is in the lyrics. Check out this list of 10 things you can learn about the fluffy-haired friend from These Days.

There’s no bi-coastal or crew beef in his camp.

The album features artists from all over: Pro Era’s Joey Bada$$, Chicago’s Lupe Fiasco, and even Puffy.

Soul is not here for set trippin’.

I say cuz around Bloods and I say Blood around Crips, I’m twisted  — “God’s Reign”

He continues to honor ex, Alori Joh.

On his track, “Closure” featuring Jhene Aiko, Ab-Soul talks about dealing with losing his ex girlfriend Alori Joh.

He puts on for TDE.

They liking us, to lightening striking over Mount Everest
hat ever so, talented establishment
. TDE. Jay Rock, K Dot, ScHoolboy, me, Soul
 (What up Zay? What Up SZA?) — “Just Have Fun”

Soul believes in the 3rd eye.

It makes sense I take interest in the third eye
Due to my lack of sight, I guess it’s a sacrifice — “Have Fun”

He’s not interested in anything more than a little horizontal play

Me and she sittin’ in a tree. K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes love, then comes marriage. Fuck that! I’m just tryna get up in your panties  —”Tree of Life”

He’s partial to surprises.

Mac Miller and Joey Bada$$ both surprise us on hooks for separate songs, though they weren’t in the feature credits.

Ab Soul and his glorious mane hold the secret for naturalists trying to keeping their curl… Soul Glo!

I left America with a bottle of Soul Glo — “Tree of Life”

He’s partial to the “high” life, no matter the consequences

I had a dub sack in my bucket. 
Rolling around like, ‘fuck it.’ Now I got a OZ in this Benz, still rolling around like ‘fuck it.’ — “Dub Sac”

He can get hyphey with the best of them.

His collar with Short Dawg and Jinx on “TWACT” definitely has that bay area sound to it.

Photo Credit: Rap Genius

(via VIBE Vixen)


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