What Should You Do When Someone Disapproves of Your Relationship?

The turning point of every relationship is the moment they meet your family. It can catapult you to wedded bliss or send you descending into the land of forgotten lovers. Obviously the latter is the most undesirable result. You’ve put months into building the relationship, so the last thing you want is your family to shut it down. But your family and friends may not approve of your relationship, at which point you have to take a few things into consideration.

Get a reason for why they don’t approve. It could be something small and petty, or they could have a very valid reason why they don’t like who you are dating. At any rate, it’s good to know these things because you should value their opinion and at least take what they say into consideration. This doesn’t mean end the relationship altogether, but deliberate over their concerns.

Talk out the apprehensions. You should do this with both those with apprehensions as well as your partner. Don’t shield them away from the disapproval completely. Open the lines of communication between the two so they can at least defend themselves against whatever it is that is causing your loved ones to feel uneasy about your relationship.

Weigh your pros and cons. Get a piece of paper, draw a line in the middle and have at it! List some benefits to staying in this relationship, even if someone doesn’t approve. Then list some drawbacks to keeping your relationship intact. If you feel your family or friends’ concerns are valid, add them to your list of cons. This should help you sort through your thoughts and come up with a tentative decision, one that should be followed with a talk with your partner.

Talk to your partner alone. Now that they know  your family or friends don’t approve of them, your partner may get upset. Their ego is insulted and your relationship hangs in the balance. If you don’t talk to them about the strength of your relationship–aside from anyone else concerns–you could very well kill the relationship without even realizing it. Talk to them and come to an agreement about your relationship’s next step.

Decide. Now that you’ve gotten everything out in the open, you should be able to make a clear conscious decision. Just remember, there are only two people actually in your relationship and only two that will really have to live with this decision.

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(via Elite DC Mag)


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