When Should the Woman Pay for a Date?

The other day, a friend of mine was telling me about how she’d never paid for her own dinner when she went out on a date. I wasn’t surprised that she hadn’t opened her wallet while. Personally, I was more shocked at the fact that she’d been on “casual dates.”

The idea of asking someone out on an actual date to get to know them better seems so foreign. It’s as if such a thing really only happens in romantic comedies where the dates turn into love and marriage and then a baby carriage. This got me thinking about the new age of dating and what the protocol is supposed to be. When women go on dates these days, do they pay? Should they pay? If they do, should they go Dutch? Are they the initiators of these dates and therefore responsible for footing the bill? 

The whole idea of dating protocol in terms of paying for the date(s) is really up to the two people who are actually out together. Some men take chivalry seriously and refuse to let their dates pay for anything. Whether the woman is his friend, his girlfriend, or just someone he decided to take out to dinner, he is determined to be the one pulling out his wallet when the bill comes. On the other hand, some men see no problem in splitting things evenly, with both parties equally sharing the cost of the movie, dinner, etc.

In general, women should decide for themselves whether they will pay their way on dates. If you don’t see a problem with splitting the bill, by all means, have your card ready to be swiped. However, don’t fight a man who wants to treat you. Let him know that you appreciate the gesture. Also, if you expect to be treated when you go out on your dates, that’s fine too. Just make sure you always have a back up plan. Otherwise, you may find yourself elbow deep in suds if your date decides that he doesn’t share the same sentiment. 

(via Elite DC Mag)


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