Why The Nice Guy Will Always Finish Last

After our relationships with the bad boys go up in flames, we women tend to say have a similar thought: “Next time, I want a nice guy.” We channelled our inner Beyoncé and believed that our man would turn into Jay-Z with a little time and attention. Then we were brought back to the reality that, unfortunately, men can’t be shaped like a ball of clay into who we want them to be. So we decide, from now on, the nice guy will prevail! That is until the next potential man comes along looking like a prime piece of clay waiting for our magical hands.

In dating, the nice guy never seems to prevail. But, it’s not because women crave disappointment. No, it’s because the nice guys just don’t have what it takes to hold a woman’s interest enough. Ladies, you’ll agree that when it comes to that sweet guy that’s itching to be your number one, there are a few reasons why he won’t hold that spot.

He’s too agreeable.

Women love conversation. The witty, tit-for-tat repartee can be more stimulating than a passionate kiss good night. But, conversation can’t happen when your date is constantly agreeing with everything you say. Nice guys are so fixated on being nice that they forget to form their own opinion. They want women to find them pleasant to be in company with. Ironically, their attempt at being agreeable backfires when they are sent to voicemail while calling to ask about a second date.

He’s controlled too easily  

As forward thinking as women are, we still want a man who can take charge. We want our man to control situations with our interests in mind. The downside to a nice guy is that he has our interests in mind so much so that he can’t make a decision without the approval of the woman. A man who is easily controlled is unattractive to most women.

He’s too predictable. 

When it comes to nice guys, women know what they are getting: a nice guy. No changes in attitude, actions, speech, anything. This grows to be extremely boring. Women want that spark when it comes to their man. If she knows just how her man will react to situations, it makes him controllable because she knows that she can get away with basically anything.

He’s not forward enough.

One thing women do admire about the bad boy is his forwardness. He will tell a woman how, why and when he wants her without hesitation. His confidence can be utterly alluring. Nice guys just don’t have that attribute. They will stay in the friend zone, being the nicest guy friend a woman has in hopes that one day she looks over and thinks, “Hey, he’s been around for a while and seems to be pleasant company. I think I’ll make him my boyfriend.” No woman thinks like this. Once the nice guy is put in the friend zone, he’ll be stuck sitting back and watching the girl he wants go from one suitor to the next.

Women don’t want a nice guy, but they also don’t want a bad boy either. We want a man who can effortlessly straddle the fence between the two: our modern day, realistic Prince Charming.

Feature photo via survivingdating.com

(via Elite DC Mag)


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