You Know What’s Way More Fun Than Falling in Love?

10 Things Way More Fun Than Falling in Love

Everybody’s running, skipping, jumping and falling in love. It’s like cupid is working overtime everywhere! There’s too much pressure that comes along with trying to fall in love with someone. You’re constantly thinking about what they’re doing, who they’re with and wondering if they’re thinking about you, too. Whatever happened to the days when you could just be happy having fun with someone?

Well we say enough is enough! Time to pick up your phone, call up your boo, and start having some real fun! That’s what relationships should be about, right? Flip through the next few pages to see 10 things way more fun than falling in love.

falling in love amusement park

Going to an amusement park or a carnival…

falling in love movie

Taking in an outdoor movie one night….

falling in love karaoke

Singing off key together at a karaoke bar.

Falling in Love Hiking

Taking a hiking trip and have a picnic at the end…

falling in love tour

Going on a city tour together…

falling in love tour

Taking a random fitness class together

falling in love sports

Picking opposing teams and talking smack to each other at a ball game.

Falling in Love Nerf War

Taking a wet trip back to your childhood antics with a nerf war…

falling in love pool

Chillin’ out by a pool or at your nearest beach together.

falling in love music

Or just staying in bed all day playing music for each other.

falling in love

And maybe, just maybe… you’ll end up falling in love anyways.

Photo Credits: Getty Images

(via VIBE Vixen)


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