You Know You’re In Love When…

I’ve heard so many theories of knowing you’re in love with someone. There’s the idea that you’re in love when you can’t see yourself without them. But, isn’t that more dependency than love? Then there’s the notion that you’ll know you’re in love when you can’t spend one moment of the day without thinking of them. Then again, isn’t that more of a distraction rather than love? Who knows, maybe these are both true. But, I think there are more practical signs when it comes to women. Here’s how I think you know when you’re in love with your boo…

  1. You can eat the messiest food in front of him. Remember on your first date with him when you ordered something cute that had minimal possibility of getting stuck between your teeth? Those days are long gone when you’re in love. You can get a slab of ribs or buffalo wings and lick the sauce off your fingers until they’re as clean as before. And he won’t mind a bit.
  2. You can pass gas around him. As unladylike as it is, it’s also human nature. Before, you’d hold it in all night until you were in the comfort of your own space, where you wouldn’t black out an entire crowd of people. When you’re in love, you can freely relieve yourself around him (to an extent) with no embarrassment. Side note: you may be comfortable enough to do it in front of him now, but the ladies room is still more appropriate than the dinner table.
  3. You can leave your feminine products at his place. For those times of the month when you have to settle for cuddling while you’re over at his place, you used to have to sneak into the bathroom and open that secret compartment in your purse that carried your products. But, you’ll know you’re in love when, as uncomfortable as the thought of the shedding of you inner sanctum may be, he won’t mind you having an emergency Tampax Pearl box at the bottom of his sink beside his toilet bowl cleaner.
  4. You can wear your roller set, pre-weave braids, or flat twists in his presence. When you first met him, he loved how you kept up your hair. He may have even believed it was real (for all us weave blending masters out there). But he didn’t know all it took beforehand to look fabulous later. You’re in love when you can rock the Meek Mill braids around him before the tracks get sewn in, or the Celie flat twist with the hanging bantu knots before you go to bed. You take sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on to a new level, and neither one of you mind at all.
  5. You can be seen in your “granny-panties” around him. You know those Victoria’s Secret pantie deals they have just about every week that you used to frequent a little more than you probably should have? You only went to get a few pair that would knock your boo out of his clothes and hopefully yours too. Well love is when those lace back bikini panties get swapped out for the cotton high-legged briefs and you still get the same reaction.

Now, as Chance the Rapper would say, “That’s Love.”

 Photo Credit: Tumblr

(via Elite DC Mag)


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