12 Reasons to Watch Keke Palmer’s New Talk Show

Keke Palmer’s new talk show Just Keke began airing on BET this week (June 30) and we love it already! With its surprise guests, real talk and laughs for days, Just Keke will become your favorite talk show after just one episode.

Unlike other talk shows out today, Keke Palmer’s Just Keke gives a real and youthful perspective on everything from recent news to entertainment. Still not convinced? Well we’ve got 12 reasons why you need to be tuned in to the next episode. Check them out.



Trey Songz’s ‘Trigga’ is a Summer Must

Mr. Steal Yo Girl is back; so let ya man know. Trey Songz officially released his sixth studio album, Trigga, today (July 1) after streaming the entire album exclusively through MTV. Swollen with songs fit for blasting at maximum volume while cruising on a sunny day, Trigga is definitely a summer must.


Things to Learn from Ab Soul’s ‘These Days’

Consummate Black Hippie, Ab-Soul, released his album These Days in June and true Soulo fans are living. From “God’s Reign” to “W.R.O.H.,” this new record is a lesson in classic soul, with its third eye references and TDE shout-outs. But for those black-lipped bastard newbies who are wondering what he’s all about, everything you need to know is in the lyrics. Check out this list of 10 things you can learn about the fluffy-haired friend from These Days.


Ed Sheeran Wipes Out Genre Purity With Sophomore Album, ‘X’

Genre purity is seemingly nonexistent in a certain ginger-haired crooner’s new album, X. From classic folk ballads to declarations of not being a rapper but instead “a singer with a flow,” UK singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran pushes the envelope of every label ever asserted to his music. (more…)

BET Music Matters Showcase Review

BET Music Matters has been responsible for helping launch the careers of some of music’s heavyweights for the last few years. From Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole to Elle Varner and Miguel, they’ve given artists the chance to showcase their talent to the world—and they haven’t let up.

Wednesday night (June 11), BET Music Matters continued their monthly showcase with an intimate concert at New York City’s SOB’s. Artist Felicia Temple gave the crowd a taste of her classic R&B sound with her single, “If That’s What You Want,” while Bronx songstress, Mandee Monet, boasted an array of self-written songs. The gorgeous Anthony Flammia showed the ladies in the house just how well he fit into the R&B bad boy era we’re seeing so much of. And headliner,Christon Gray shut it down with his beautiful falsetto and amazing stage presence. He even had the crowd yelling out song requests from his EP, School of Roses.

In between sets, Extra TV host AJ Calloway dropped some big news on the crowd. With all his experience in music and entertainment, Calloway announced that he will be starting his own record label, Calloway Music Group. He also introduced the crowd to his new artist, Melissa Bon, from Paris. The exciting news was capped off with an impromptu performance of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good,” which she killed!

Be on the lookout for the BET Music Matters compilation and more news on Calloway Music Group. You’ll definitely want to know all of these artists before they make it big.

(via VIBE Vixen)

REVIEW: ‘Fruitvale Station,’ A Paradigm Shifting Film

Last week my older sister and I decided to go see the new film “Fruitvale Station.” As soon as I’d seen a preview for it earlier this year, I knew I would go see it in theatres during its opening weekend. One reason for committing myself to this film was because I was familiar with the case prior to the film’s debut. I’d researched Oscar Grant’s homicide case – as well as a number of others – during my freshman year for an essay on modern-day Black genocide for my African-American Studies class. I also wanted to make sure I saw it during it’s opening weekend because I wanted to show major production companies and distributors that films like these can be blockbusters, just as much as films like The Dark Knight.

For the last 10 minutes of the movie, there was complete and utter silence. It was as if everyone in that theatre put their popcorn and drinks aside, sat completely still, fixed their eyes to the screen and silently wept.  And as the film’s credits began to roll and everyone started filing out of the theatre, I couldn’t help but feel a somber and questioning presence amongst everyone. This was understandable though, with the film being so emotional and heart wrenching. I even walked out with my heart heavy, and my mind racing, even though I’d read about this story over a year ago. But as we all walked out in silence, I looked in the faces of some of those people, and the thoughts running through their heads became so clear through their eyes:

“Wow! That was so sad. I can’t believe it. I feel for Wanda and Tatiana and Sophina and all of Oscar’s family and friends. How could that have happened!? Wow! … So what now?”