7 Reasons Why Kanye West Is One Big Walking Contradiction

Kanye West may not have a cutely-called cult like Rih or Bey, but his fans are just as loyal as a hardcore Hive or Army-member. We’ve stood by him through the platinum albums sales and violent run-ins with radio hosts and teen pop stars. But there’s only so much a fan can take.

In the last few years, Kanye has been giving us one contradiction after the other—through his actions and his bars. And well, enough is enough. Call it tough love, but maybe airing out the proverbial dirty laundry will help.

So Kanye, I hope (albeit, in vain) that you’re reading this, because no one wants another verse like your feature on “I Won.”  —A Devout Yet Concerned ‘Ye Fan (more…)


You Know You’re In Love When…

I’ve heard so many theories of knowing you’re in love with someone. There’s the idea that you’re in love when you can’t see yourself without them. But, isn’t that more dependency than love? Then there’s the notion that you’ll know you’re in love when you can’t spend one moment of the day without thinking of them. Then again, isn’t that more of a distraction rather than love? Who knows, maybe these are both true. But, I think there are more practical signs when it comes to women. Here’s how I think you know when you’re in love with your boo…


5 Signs That Your Man is Cheating

One of my favorite romantic comedies of the 2000’s is Two Can Play That Game. Besides the fact that it’s flat out hilarious–thanks to Vivica A. Fox and Anthony Anderson–the movie really did give some true insight into a few behaviors of men who are cheating. If you’ve been wondering about the faithfulness of your man and haven’t seen the movie, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are a few signs that your man just may be sleeping in someone else’s bed.


Death of Chivalry: Is He Thirsty or Just a Gentleman?

Remember when men would hold open doors, pull out chairs and offer jackets during chilly nights? According to some women, these chivalrous acts don’t seem to happen as often as they should. Instead, guys have become more self-serving in response to the new independent woman. But maybe there isn’t a shortage of gentlemen… Maybe they’ve just been denounced as “thirsty.” (more…)

How to Get Him to Commit

One of my friend’s always seems to find herself in an unspoken relationship. You know, the kind where the two of you talk all the time, see each other on a regular basis and may even sleep together. And for a while, this is great. But after a few months or so, she always finds herself wanting to know what their future is. Then she comes to the same conclusion each time: she’s more in association with someone than an actual relationship. And I know she’s not the only woman who has been in this predicament.